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Live roulette online

Live roulette is an exciting and interactive gaming experience that we definitely recommend you to try !

Live roulette allows the people to place their chips on the roulette table online, in company of dedicated dealers. If you feel like the excitement that the normal casino games offers you is not enough, then you will for sure enjoy the live casino games!

Live roulette is exactly like the normal roulette game, but instead of playing against the computer, you´re playing in the company or real casino dealers. Which means that you can achieve an almost authentic casino atmosphere. The dealers sees all the bets you place with your chips, and you´re the one who decides the speed of the game.

The live roulette rules is the same as the normal game rules, you can read more about the live roulette rules here below. You can also take a closer look on different kind of tips & tricks that we recommend you to keep in mind while playing live roulette.


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Live roulette rules

Play live roulette online

Live roulette is a very easy but also very exciting casino game. It is a game of luck, but it also gives you some space to use different mathematical strategies and systems, which will give you a higher chance to win. You can read more about different live roulette strategies and systems here below, but what is the most important thing to be able to start playing, is that you have an idea of the game rules.

Live roulette is one of the most popular casino games throughout the years, and the game is in it´s normal versions always equipped with:

– One roulette wheel

– One small ball within the roulette wheel

– A game table with all the different bet options

– A dealer

The idea in live roulette is to simply guess where the ball will stop in the roulette wheel, you place your bets on where you think it will stop on the game table. The roulette wheel is equipped with a certain amount of gaps equipped with numbers. These gaps are numbered between 1-36 and they´re colored either black or red (50/50). The roulette wheel is also equipped with either one or two zeroes, depending on which live roulette you play, the European live roulette is equipped with one zero, and the American live roulette is equipped with two zeroes. If you have the chance to choose, we always suggest you to play European live roulette since it offers the players a better winning percentage than the American live roulette.

Live roulette is very easy to start playing, you just simply choose first at which casino you want to play, and after you´ve registered a new player account and made your deposit you´re ready to start playing in only few minutes. Live roulette starts by making the bets, just simply place your bets on the roulette game table, after which the roulette wheel will start spinning. What may seem complicated in live roulette, is the endless many different options you have to bet on. You can bet on single numbers, several different kind of groups of numbers and colors. The easiest way to start playing if you´re a new player, is to bet on bet options that have 50/50 winning chances, such as Red color or Black color.

You will find all the different betting options on the roulette table next to the live roulette wheel, it may look complicated, but trust us, Live roulette is one of the easiest casino games that you can play online. Try yourself and you will see!


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Live roulette strategies

Roulette live dealers

As we already mentioned before, live roulette gives you many great opportunities to use different kind of strategies and systems to increase your chances to scoop winnings.

There´s almost as many different strategies and systems as the game has players, which means a lot. We cannot go through all of them, although we would like to, but we will here below list the most common ones and the most easiestones for you to learn if you´re a new player.

The most common and well known roulette strategies are based on the probability theory. You may have heard of Martingale, which is the most used live roulette strategy throughout the whole world. In Martingale the idea is to always bet on the same, and if you loose you double up your bets and continue playing, and if you win – great. In Martingale you always have to bet on 50/50 bet options, like for example Red or Black. Here´s one example of how Martingale live roulette strategy goes:

 – You bet 10 on red, you loose

– Next round you bet double up, which is 20 on the same: red, you loose again

– Third round you have to bet double up again from the previous game round which is 40 on the red, this time you win

When you win with Martingale you always scoop the original bet as a win, which in our example would be then 20 as a profit. The total win would be 80, but at this point you´ve already bet 60, and you´re left with the 20 as a profit.

Martingale strategy is one of the easiest systems you can play with to increase your chances to win. It is not 100% secure though, since the Roulette wheel is equipped with either one or two zeroes. This means that Martingale is not 100% accurate, since there´s a chance of loss also.

We recommend you to try Martingale strategy when you´re playing live roulette, since we´re sure it will increase your gaming experience!


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