Casino video tutorials

If you are new in this entertaining online casino world, offering you endless variety of exciting casino games, so it can sure feel somewhat complicated and awkward at first. Don’t worry, at Casino Slam will find everything you need and more to start your adventure in this incredibly exciting casino world. The very best way to get started with gambling is that you take a quick look at our casino videos. We recommend you first to select a casino game you want to learn how to play, because it is much easier to start with a casino game, after which you will quickly learn more century other casino games.

You can choose above to check casino video tutorials for the most popular casino games: Roulette, Blackjack and Slots. If you are interested in any of the above casino games so you need not worry, because you can find below casino video tutorials to the following casino games: Baccarat, and Craps.


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Baccarat video tutorial


Baccarat is one out of the easiest casino games you can play online, there is even one out of the few casino games in which bets can rise up to colossal sums.

As you can see in the above casino video tutorial so apply it in Baccarat guessing which game hand will win. You can choose to bet the banker’s hand, the game, or on the player’s hand will win, or even that the game is still out. In baccarat, it does not “Bank” game hand house or casino gambling hand, nor does “Player” game hand only player’s hand, because in Baccarat has the chance to players to bet on both of these.

By checking the above casino video tutorial you will quickly have an idea of ​​how the game is. You can even below, check out step by step how baccarat online go to.

To begin with, so you shall reap by guessing the correct winning hand, the winning hand is the one that came closest to the total 9 with their playing cards. In Baccarat you always counts dozens away from the total sum, if you have a total that is 25 so this game hand in Baccarat 5th

Once you start playing you go Baccarat approximately in the following manner:

  1. You choose your bets
  2. Select the game hand you want to bet on, Player or Banker (we recommend you always bet on the banker hand games since the house edge is lowest with this bet options)
  3. You can also bet that the game runs smoothly, but we recommend you not to bet on a smooth end result as the house is then approximately 14.25% advantage
  4. When you have made your bet then dealt two playing cards dealt to the player and the bank
  5. If the player’s playing cards are 5 or less then automatically becomes a playing card to the assigned
  6. If the Board of playing cards is 6 or less, the dealer can take one to playing cards
  7. Game The hand that comes closest to the total sum to 9 wins
  8. If you bet on the correct winning hand, so you shall reap profits

Baccarat is a simple point play, by checking baccarat video above, you are ready to start playing like a pro in just minutes!

Craps video tutorial


Craps is a bit more complicated casino games, but you need not worry, you can start playing craps, whether you are new or more experienced casino players. After just a few rounds, you have guaranteed already have a good idea of ​​how Craps is done. We recommend you first to take a look at the casino video tutorial above before you check out the game’s basic rules.

Craps is one of the few casino game played with dice. Craps is a dice game equipped with two dice and a game table with different betting options. Craps is a real party game and you can often see in traditional casinos or films the more voice players gathered right around this entertaining game. Craps game itself is actually not difficult, because it really only is to guess the dice totals. What makes the game just a bit more complicated, but also more entertaining are the many different options you have to bet on. You have cruelly many different options to choose from when playing Craps, it is also one of the reasons why the game is so popular around the world at present. Each player can himself form his own style on the base of gambling budget and the available playing time.

The simplest betting options, and even the most popular, is to bet on the Pass – Line or Do not Pass – line. Which means that you bet either of the dice thrower succeed, or against. If you bet on the Pass – line so you shall reap profits if the total of the dice is 7 or 11 is called “Natural”. If instead you bet on the Do not Pass line so you shall reap profits with totals 2, 3 and 12 called “craps”.

When you looked through the above craps casino video tutorial and you have an idea of ​​the gameplay, so we recommend you to register a new player account at one of the following English online casinos and start playing instantly. After some entertaining rounds you will have a much better idea of ​​how this incredibly exciting dice game is done!


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