Casino Rules

When you step into the entertaining world of online casino so you are guaranteed to feel somewhat lost in the beginning, which is not so strange because you have hundreds of different online casinos and offers to choose from in addition to the tens of thousands of different casino games. Since there are infinitely many different casino games, there are also almost infinitely many different casino rules to learn. There is no idea to start studying every game and casino rule, we recommend you instead to audition different casino games for free in demo – mode, until you find your favorite game, after which you have a lot easier to learn different casino rules.

You can above select to read the casino rules for the most popular casino games right now: Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack. You can also take a look in our other articles we have on:

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Or even continue to read below more about casino rules in video poker, slots and scratch cards.

Once you have learned the casino rules you’re looking for, you can easily start playing by selecting one of the following English online casinos. We only recommend English online casinos where even we ourselves play and spend our time in, so you can be sure that you are playing in a safe and secure gaming environment when choosing an online casino that we at Casino Slam recommend.


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Casino Rules – VideoPoker

If you can play Poker you are guaranteed to even play Video Poker. Casino rules of video poker are very simple; it only applies to scoop a winning poker hand with your five playing cards that you have the chance to exchange once.

According to Video Poker casino rules so goes the poker hands ranking usually as follows (from best to worst)

  • Royal Straight Flush (the color sequence with the highest playing cards, ex 10, J, Q, K and A)
  • Straight Flush (lower color sequence, ex 5,6,7,8,9
  • Four of the same, ex. 8,8,8,8
  • Full House, one pair and three of a kind, for example, 8,8,9,9,9
  • Color, five of the same suit, for example, five clovers
  • Ladder, five playing cards in sequence, ex 7,8,9,10, J
  • Three of a kind, three same playing cards, such as 8,8,8
  • Two couples, ex 8,8,9,9
  • A couple, for example 8.8

Casino rules for Video Poker may differ slightly depending on which version you play, in some Video Poker casino rules, you have to win at least a pair of jacks to get the win, while in others so you have much better profit opportunities thanks to wild cards. We recommend you always have a quick look at the casino rules before you start playing if you choose a special variant out of video poker.

You can take a few games in the Video poker instantly.

Casino Rules - Slots

Slots or slot machines, yes you choose what you want to call these casino games. Slots are one out of the simplest casino games, as it only involves finding a slot machine that just you like and start playing. Harder than that aren’t Casino rules for slots.

There are infinitely many different slots to choose from when playing online, but the basic casino rules are always the same: You choose how much you want to bet and triggers the slot machine wheels, after which only comes to keeping our fingers crossed that the symbols on the reels stop so that they form a winning combination. Just like that! More Fractals by gaming machines on the network at present are equipped with exciting special features such as Wild – symbols (wildcards), Bonus Features, Free Spins and progressive jackpots. It is also why the casino rules regarding slots can be quite different depending on which slot you choose to play.

Since there are thousands if not tens of thousands of slot machines online, this also means that there are almost an infinite number of different specific casino rules for each slot machine. When it comes to slot machines, we recommend you always first take a quick look at the slot machine casino rules, after which you can try a few rounds for free in demo mode, and when you have a complete picture out how to play the game so you can easily make a deposit and start playing with real money. Try here below for yourself and see!

Casino Rules - Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards is another casino game you can start playing whether if you read the casino rules of the game or not. You can find scratchcards online at present equipped with really any themes, so you need only to look for a scratch card precisely you like and start playing.

Basic casino rules for scratch cards are:

  • Choose the scratch card you want to scratch
  • Choose your bet
  • Keep your fingers crossed that you scratch the winning pay lines

The most common variant, also many of us probably recognize from the popular English scratch card Kind, is that you scratch three equal profits symbols or prize amounts after which you scoop the win. Easierand it can’t be guaranteed.

However, you can at present find cool scratch cards equipped with special features such as wilds, bonus rounds and jackpot winnings. If you have luck on your side you can win up to several tens of millions of euros by scratching lottery tickets online.


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