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Punto Banco Online

Punto Blanco is one of the most popular games best-known casino that are played around the world in almost all casinos and online casinos. Punto Banco is one of the easiest casino games, because in reality is just the fact guess which hand will win the game. You have three different options to choose from: game player’s hand, the bank’s hand in the game or that game will be a draw.

It takes only a few minutes to learn how the game works when you start playing Punto Banco. After a few rounds of the game you will see how easy it is this casino game. Punto Banco also offers best casino games online recoveries.

Punto Banco is as described above, a very simple game and play fast-paced casino you can play with up to 12 other players simultaneously. By playing in casinos regular online you can feel like you’re playing alone, against the computer, in which the team is responsible for the tasks of banking, but regardless of whether you’re playing in casinos in regular line or live casinos, without doubt you enjoy the game of Punto Banco! The strategy of the game is very simple and straightforward: earn more, focusing on the fact that the bank always wins, ie the bank. The house edge is only 1% invested in the bank, some online casinos even have the chance to play so the house edge is 0%, which means that the rate of return is almost 100%.

You can read below Punto Banco rules and strategies, but if you want to start playing right away, just pick a casino from the following English casinos, create an account and start playing! To create a new player account only takes a few minutes and then you’re ready to enjoy the game of Punto Banco casino!


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Punto Banco Rules

It is very easy to start playing Punto Banco, the first time you play the game learn the basic rules.

In the game you decide how much you want to bet and then play the hand you want to bet. You can bet on the fact win of the player’s hand (point), the bank’s hand to win the game (Bank) or the fact that the game ends in a draw (tie). Three simple, but exciting options, in this game.

Once you’ve decided how much you want to bet, playing cards distributed (according to certain rules of play 2 cards and, according to some rules of the game 3 cards), and player / bench players. When you play online Punto Banco team always keep the division of the concerns of the cards to not have to worry about if you play with two or three card games.

The basic idea of Punto Banco is to get as close to the sum of 9 as possible, so that then the sum of the cards of all the players are calculated, as well as playing cards in total bank.

The cards scored on Punto Banco are those of the following values: Ace = 1, Ten = 0, picture cards = 0, and all other cards the card values are adjusted. What makes the game extremely interesting Punto Banco is that when you get to the sum that is greater than 10, and the sum is calculated only for the value is greater than 10. For example, the total value of 14 is only 4 Point Bank.

If a game round ends tied, and betting on the outcome of a tie to win your bet up to 9 times. If you have invested in some other option game and the game ends exactly guesses he receives his bet back. The bank has a slight advantage in view of the distribution of the third card game, which means you will be charged a commission of 5% if you invest in the bank and the bank ends up winning game. We recommend in any case, always invest in Punto Banco If you want to play with the best opportunities for profit.

Although the rules are very simple, we recommend that you start playing small stakes. Once you have an idea of how the game of Punto Banco works, you can easily raise the stakes. You can read more below about the different strategies that you can use in Punto Banco, or why not start playing immediately?

Punto Banco Strategies

There are also strategies in Punto Banco, as in almost all casino games, there are many different strategies and a system with which you can improve your chances of winning or to reduce the house edge. Some of these are better and worse, one of the best systems to play is and Parlay system Paroli system. Parlay system is also known as System “Let it Ride”. Both require some skill before you start playing your bets and play your own goals. You’ll have to decide the number after the victory you wish to withdraw your winnings, and desire and should up the ante until you lose a hand.

Paroli system is known as “reverse Martingale system”, as the Paroli system, you should always double your bet after, followed by a return to the initial bet when every win is lost. like the Martingale, where the situation is the opposite. When you play in this system, it is important to consider and decide the number of sets to win the hand of the tube before withdrawing winnings. We recommend that you normally play the three or four-handed play before profits cashing, because when you play with less Paroli system is really a small effect.

Parlay system is very similar to the Paroli system, the difference is that the Parlay – a system that never doubles the bet, but simply let your profits and what you choose the ante bet the next round of play. Also Parlay – a system that is important to first decide how many games you want to win the hand before withdrawing any winnings. As the Paroli system, we recommend playing the Parlay system with hand 3/4.

If you decide to start playing with a system, it is good to always keep in mind that no strategy or system will ever be able to eliminate the gain or loss of warranty.

Punto Banco Summary

Punto Banco is actually an entertaining casino game is a variant of Punto Banco game. Both are popular among wealthy players, and these games are also called many times as the “Men play money”, since the game offers a very good payout percentages which of course also means more money in the pockets players.

Punto Banco is also a very simple and easy game where you only need to decide on your bets and you want to bet, and then you can no longer influence the course of play, or the end result. Easy, fast and fun, these words describe perfectly this classic casino game!

If you want to play a simple but entertaining online casino game – then you will definitely enjoy the game Punto Banco!


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