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The Keno casino game is one of the most innovative and entertaining games of online casinos. It’s a variation of the original game Bingo, whether the game is a lottery. It believed to have originated in China and came to America in the 90’s, since then, he became the favorite game at casinos.

It’s a game full of huge payouts and casino excitement. Keno online gives you the opportunity to choose the size of the awards for which you compete. If you are interested in taking advantage of a simple and large payments game, he knows its history, its rules and strategies and start playing Keno and make money online.

According to the rules of Keno game, the game must be made with a card that has 80 numbers to choose from. To bet, you select the numbers, also called “spots”, you decide and hope that luck and chance took the numbers making you have chosen the winner.

The more spots you choose the bigger the prize you can win. But also remember that the more spots choose, the greater the difficulty to come out winner.

Unlike live Keno games in the traditional way, when you play online Keno, the numbers appear electronically.

Play Keno online should not be very difficult for beginners, since in the same game software that gambling can appear, how many balls you choose and payments are available.


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Keno Rules

So you can quickly start the game, you have to know the different cards:

  • Normal Cards: You select the spots you want on the card. This allowed normally 1-15 bet spots, but there are some online casinos that let you bet up to 20 spots.
  • Business combinations: join several different types of normal cards, to have more chance of winning.
  • Divided Cards: you play two or more games on the same Keno Card. You choose two groups of spots and divide with a line.
  • Way Cards: Betting on several groups of numbers on the same card. You have to decide how many spots of the groups you have chosen to bet. Then accounts according to fractions you place in the field of gambling.
  • King Cards: These are a variation of the Way. The difference is that in this game King choose some numbers, which are surrounded in themselves and are special.

Keno Strategies

Luck seems to be the best ally of gambling and a clear example is the game of Keno online, but certainly, it is important to have some clear strategies and tricks before you start playing.

Experts in games like Keno, recommend a strategy to select the spots. The technique is to check the spots that emerged in the previous draw, and bet on some of them, such as choosing a pattern.

Avoid being increasingly choosing new spots, you can make figures with the board spots.

Choose the more spots possible, choose more spots will increase your odds of getting the winning numbers.

The Keno casino game is a game of chance because the draws are random. There is no certainty of no foolproof method or strategy. The best way to play is to choose the numbers you want, and favorite numbers, birthdays, there are no limits, but most of the best strategy is to have fun and you’ll see as you spend a pleasant and fun time.

Summary Online Keno

Play Keno online is much quicker to play Keno in a traditional casino, it’s easy to get carried away.

You can even play ten cards at once, so that you can be able to play hundreds of games in the form of minutes and winning many awards at once. Besides, no need to keep track of all the results, as the benefits go directly into your account, you can also enjoy these incredible special effects, sounds and can offer features without playing in live broadcast.

From Casino Slam we selected some of our favorite online Keno games where you now have the opportunity to play and make money, we are sure you will like!


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