Responsible gambling

Your safety is of highest priority for us at Casino Slam, that´s also why it´s important for us to make sure you play responsible.

Gambling offers the players an exciting and entertaining experience. The most important part for us is to make sure that our players enjoy playing the games. This extremely exciting world full of entertainment has though two sides, and like also all the other overuses, also the gambling can easily turn into an addiction. This is when the gambling is not more any fun and entertaining. This is also why we want to offer our players the tools for responsible gambling. We have here below listed few advises for different occasions that we recommend you to keep in mind while playing casino games online.

Set limits for your gambling

Responsible Gambling

One of the most important parts when you´re gambling online, is that you set some kind of limits before you start playing. If you´ve set up limits beforehand, you will reduce the risk that you will continue playing with money you can´t afford.

You can set it up by for example amount of money spent or also amount of time spent. If you for example set up a 10€ / day limit, or 70€ / week limit, you will then stop playing when your budget has exceeded. Or you can also set it up by hours per day, for example maximum one hour can be spent on online casinos / day.

Many of the online casinos also offer you different kind of tools to prevent gambling addiction. You can for example set up different limits on your own gaming account. You often have the chance to set up limits for the deposit amount on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

This is a great tool to keep track on your money that you´ve spent in the casino. The amount can usually be reduced instantly but if you want to increase the amount that you´ve set as a limit, you usually have few days’ consideration time before the new increased limit actually is working. Also if you request to remove the deposit limits you have to wait few days. The same goes for the time spent in the online casino, you have the chance to set up limits also for this.

 We suggest you to set up these above mentioned limits if you feel that you´re about to become addicted to the gambling.

How to know when you´re addicted

Casino Addiction

It´s good to sometimes think about your own gambling habits. The following signs will tell you when the gambling hobbies have become an addiction:

– You think about the gambling all the time

– The bets are becoming bigger and bigger every time to get more excited

– The decision to stop playing seems to be beyond your own control

– You don´t want to tell the truth about the time spent and the lost money to the friends or family

– The gambling is a dominant way to escape the bad moods, and if you don´t play you have anxiety

– The gambling causes money problems, you have to lend money from your friends or family to be able to continue gambling

If you realize that one or more of the above mentioned statements is true considering your gambling habits, we recommend you to think it through and get help from the people nearby yourself, family or friends, or also contact professionals. Remember that you should never be left alone with an addiction, it will just feel even more difficult and anguish.

Where to get help if you´re addicted?


As a first step we always recommend you to talk with your friends or with your family if you feel that the gambling has taken too much part of your time. The fact that you realize this and talk about it will make it way easier to fix. Don´t lie about the things, be honest to yourself and don´t be ashamed of anything. Try to also replace the time spent on gambling on other hobbies, then you won’t spend time thinking about the games and the excitement of gambling.

You can also contact the following channels, which are professionals in the field and they will gladly help you through the process of getting rid of the gambling addiction:

– Support line for gambling and relatives –

– Gamblers Anonymous –

– GamCare –

– Gambling help online –