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Craps Online

The Craps casino game, also known as dice, a gamble game is where the luck is what defines if the player wins or loses, there are several different types of bets you can make that can influence the chances of victory as they offer greater advantage than the others.

Like all tournaments, you can win or lose money, so you always have you see the game as a choice of tours where you can’t always get benefits, because in the long term always ends up influencing the house advantage over players .

The best option to reduce the house advantage, is getting bonuses for casinos, which are promotions where casinos offer more money than you deposit, and have the opportunity to play more games and more time with more money.

From Casino Slam we created a list below of the best online casinos that offer bonuses, so you can increase your budget and will optimize your bonus money.


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Craps Rules

The objective of the game is based on betting with the dice, whether playing online craps or traditional casinos. They equipped with two six-sided dice each throw. The game also features a game table with different betting options, as roulette. The basic idea is very simple, you guess where the dice remain. What makes it a bit tricky play craps online are the different possibilities available for betting.

The player who rolls the dice on the table is called “shooter” , if you play in a physical casino, all players can have the opportunity to assume the role of shooter.

After each round, the dice are in the opposite direction. When a new round begins, the shooter selects two dice to throw. One must always hit the back wall of the table, if you play craps online is the same, but is done automatically by the computer.

Thefirstshot of thecrapsgameis called “throw out”.

The game is especially based on the result of the dice. When the shooter throws the dice, may have three different results:

• The shooter wins the bet
• The shooter loses the bet
• The shooter will not win or lose and therefore will continue to play another round.

Craps game, like other casino games, has some strategies and gives away the house advantage; however, this game is probably the online casino game with more advantage to the player.

Craps Strategies

Like a betting game, any Craps strategy can’t be used. But is possible to reduce the house edge to a minimum in order to fully enjoy the game of Craps and have a chance to win the casino in short sessions.

Depends on you bet, there are bets that offer worse odds than others, and some are worse. This game is one of the few casino games offering bets where the house advantage is minimal, even reaching 0.

Given that an advantage of the low house offers a greater chance of making a profit in Craps, with the same amount of money you get more fun as it will last longer.

House advantge in Craps bets:

  • Field 6%
  • Horn 5%
  • Big6 / Big8 1%
  • Craps2 / Craps12 9%
  • Any 7 7%

The most beneficial bets can Craps players do:

  • Pass 41%
  • Coming 41%
  • Not to 36%
  • Do not come 36%

Craps Online Summary

Playing Craps can be a fun experience, if you really understand how to play and that means knowing betting rules and terms associated with it. It may seem very difficult to understand the game at first for novice players, but it’s a really popular game where you have insurance benefits if you use the proper rules of craps.

Definitely the best strategy to enjoy this game is to decide how much money you want to invest before playing and not going over that maximum amount. If you follow these tips from Casino Slam we assure you that you will have a fun, positive and economically beneficial depending on your luck adventure.

If you want to play Craps, we show below in the table the best rooms to play, always in a safe and legal environment! We’re sure you’re going to play this classic game of online casino for hours!


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