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Solitaire Online

The game of Solitaire is played and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Nobody knows when they invented the game of Solitaire but generally the more developed version of this game was invented as soon as the card games were popular in the middle Ages.

The most accepted theory is that the French were responsible for the development of the most popular versions of Solitaire, which some historians have even said that the Little General Napoleon Bonaparte invented the game while exiled on the island of St. Helena. Although many historians also claim that was originated in Eastern Europe, on the basis that found the first books on the subject. In fact, the game of Solitaire games appear in books about 18-19 centuries and since then have invented new variations of the game and has evolved, including one of the most popular called “Spider Solitaire” where President US Roosevelt made him famous.


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How to Play Solitaire

There are many ways to play solitaire, each with their own formats and rules. The standard Solitaire game is played with a deck of 52 cards on a flat surface such as a table. The deck of cards is as follows: four suits of thirteen cards each (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs). Each of these sets consists of four cards: an ace, a jack, a queen and a king. Lastly, each club also consists of numbers ranging from two to ten.

One card is dealt face up, this is placed at the beginning of an imaginary line and six other cards are dealt face down across that line, next to the first card face up. The player then goes to the second card in the row and places another card face up on top of it. This process is continued by placing one card face up card in the third row, with cards face down fourth to sixth letters.

The process is completed when the player faces a row of seven cards face up. Where would be marked as the game board.

To play cards, the player has to place each of the remaining cards in a pile on the game board in numerical order (decreasing) and in alternate colors. Essentially, this means that the player has to place a black card on a red card (or vice versa) color and five at number six. If we take this as an example, we see that if the face card is a red six the player has to play a five on it black.

Solitaire Strategies

Just like all card games, there are always tips and strategies to help the player to win long term. Although the game Solitaire depends on the “luck of the draw” the ability of a player is still playing an important role and outcome of the game can definitely determine whether you win or lose.

We advise players not to take his deck of cards until they are absolutely sure that there are no more possible moves on the board game Solitaire.

The letters should not be moved unless the players can see there and gain instant benefits.

Aces and twos should always play immediately.

The cards should only be moved from one column to another card down if released. Other than that, should not be moved.

When you have to choose between several letters containing batteries in order to free a card placed face down, you should usually play the card that is on the stack with the most cards.

Summary of Solitaire Online

The game of Solitaire has been popular in some form or another literally hundreds of years ago. Where once a player starts to play the deck of cards, becomes a hobby where you can play from literally anywhere in the world at any time of day or night. Online gaming has taken the game of solitaire one step further and offers players the opportunity to take part in exciting tournaments and feel part of a community of wider game.

The game Solitaire is a game that at first may seem complicated to play, but with a little practice, the game is very entertaining. And start enjoying this wonderful card game online casino now!


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