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Pai Gow Online

The casino game Pai Gow Poker is a card game that pits the player or players with the dealer. Although is played with a deck of 53 cards plus a wild card, the game Pai Gow Poker is based on the ancient Chinese domino game called Pai Gow.

Each player is dealt seven cards and must create two poker hands with these. These consist of five cards and a two-card hand.

The player wins when both hands which is worth (based on the values ​​of poker) rather than the corresponding hand belonging to the dealer.

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How To Play Pai Gow

A hand is a hand of five cards, known as the high hand, while the two-card hand is called the low hand. To win, the player’s hands must be stronger than the dealer’s hands. Players bet on both hands of 5 cards and 2 cards alike, both hands should be played with force.

The game is played with up to six players and the dealer. Pai Gow is played with a deck of 53 cards. . This is the usual deck of cards with a limited use wildcard – the joker can be used as a dummy card in order to complete a straight, a flush or a straight flush. When it can not be used to offset such a hand, you play as an Ace.

Pai Gow game begins by placing a bet of each player participating. The dealer deals each player seven cards. Traditionally the seven hands are spread over Pai Gow, regardless of how many players are actually participating in this game. The extra cards are discarded and hands of “players” that are not present, simply left untouched.

Once all the cards are dealt, all players of Pai Gow, except the dealer can see his cards. Players must try to arrange his cards in a combination 5-hand and 2-hand. The 5-card hand (high hand) must be greater in value than the 2-card hand (low hand). Once the hands are formed, players place both hands face down.

Pai Gow Tips

  • Be the banker: When you play Pai Gow, try to be banker whenever you have the opportunity. When hands are duplicated, the bank wins and the odds are moved between 1% and 2% in favor of the banker. It should be noted, however, that bankers need a bank roll large enough to cover the bets of all participants at the table.

When you’re the banker, you should bet as much as possible, and in turn, bet as little as possible when you’re not the banker. There may be some short-term losses are made in the long term.

Most casinos put a limit on the number of hands that a player can play as a banker, and the banker role is passed around the table to another player. Usually, only one or two hands are allowed by banking game. If possible, try to find a table with no other players and one dealer, which results in a player to deposit elsewhere.

  • Create the strongest hands of two cards: Players must always remember that the two-card hand (low hand) is as important as the 5 card hand (high hand). New players often forget this rule and rush to create a strong upper hand at the expense of your low hand. It is preferable to finding the right combination to create two strong hands odds of winning both hands. The highest hand, of course, cannot be stronger than the low hand, but this does not mean that the low hand must be completely weak. Remember: If only one party wins, the hand is lost!
  • Never play a Full House: A full house should never be played as the high hand. 
  • How to Play 3 pairs: If a player has three pairs, the highest pair should be placed in the low hand. If a player has six cards to a straight, then the lowest high card should lead the color and the highest card must be played in the low hand.
  • Ask for assistance: Pai Gow tables are known for their friendly and relaxed atmosphere and this includes the fact that it is completely acceptable to ask the dealer for help. There should be no shame in asking for help to involve you try to figure out the game. Some casinos even allow teammates to help each other as players are only playing against the dealer and not against each other.

Summary Pai Gow Online

Pai Gow is a great game that involves both luck and skill, with the excitement of traditional poker. You need to create two powerful hands and understand the different options available and use the cards in an optimal way.

Learning how to play Pai Gow online is not a problem with the wealth of casinos online offering the game. In most casinos offer free game for players to become real experts in the Pai Gow game before spending your money.


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