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Online Slots

If you are looking for some fun and excitement in your daily life or you just want to hit an impressive Jackpot, you have come to the right place! The online slot machines, also called slots, are one of the most famous casino games, both in the physical and online, because of its simplicity and fun for hours they bring, not to mention the huge progressive jackpots that are equipped these machines.

While in the physical slot machines have to press a button or pull a lever, in the online version simply you have to give click to start spinning symbols.

As in the physical casinos, the goal of every play is to combine the different symbols on the machine. There are various combination that will have an assigned prize, and the amount of each prize depend on the total that you bet.

Casino Slam will guide you to the best online slots, if you know how to play this fun game of casino and want to start playing instantly – just simply choose one of the following popular slot games:

How to play online slots

The online slot machines work in terms of the rules, like physical slot.
However, online slots have some advantages, such as offering a much higher percentage of payments because they do not require maintenance costs also in the world of online casinos, it is very common that the slots have huge jackpots Progressive (jackpots).
In online slots you can play with a bet or several at a time to multiply your winnings. In physical machines only you get paid if the three symbols displayed on the main line, but the machine is not online, they offer the possibility to bet with multiple lines and several winning combinations. Slot with multiple paylines to be activated each, and if there are five simultaneous lines, the price per spin is five times one. Increase the number of lines probably you will receive a prize on each spin.
It is always advisable to increase the number of lines and reduce the value of the bet.


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History of Slots

Slot machines or Slots, are gambling games that today you can found in all casinos.

The history of slot takes us to the end of s. Nineteenth and early s. XX when August Fey, a German mechanic, built a box with three spinning impellers in 1887 in San Francisco. These reels were 5 different symbols, such as bells, one down, horseshoes, when the three bells were aligned in the main line, the award was granted.

The idea was so very successful that ten years later, Herbert Mills created the “Mills Liberty Bell” (Machine bells) adding other symbols, and widening the box so we could see how close they had been to win if not will guess, which even they paid the prize money because they were not yet legalized.

In 1960 the company Bally, created the electro mechanical machine, where machines could collect and pay faster.

Today, slot machines have an incredible amount of symbols, lights, colors, sounds.

The last step taken slots has been its inclusion in the Internet world, with online casinos. Where machines are now one of the favorite games at any online casino room, where there are thousands of games, variations, combinations and above issues and extraordinary boats, which will not leave you the same.

Despite all the changes that have been undergoing years with slot machines, they still have the same spirit of its beginnings, when he was just a box with 3 reels.

Slots online summary

If you want to relax, or simply bring some fun and excitement in your life in a few clicks, and without commitment, we have for you a list of casinos and games where you can enjoy the best online slot machines bonuses to try the games before betting real money on them.

You can play for hours and always discover something new. We have plenty of surprises for even the most veteran players who think they’ve seen everything. If there was a game that you wanted to know and test, now is a good time.

If you have never played online slot machines or if you want to play without betting your money on slots, have the opportunity to play for free.

We recommend that you practice the game for free to avoid future negative surprises not know the game. If you’re ready and you’re willing to play for real money, you can change the slots free for the payment where you can get great prizes and lots of money, with just one click!