Free Videopoker

From Casino Slam we offer several free Video Poker games so you can practice your strategies and skills, besides taking time to get to know the game, its rules and pay tables before you start playing for real money.You need to know to play is to know the hierarchy of hands in the game of Video Poker, for example, straight, flush, mate. The rules are simple, dealt 5 cards, which can dismiss you want to get the best possible hand later.

After discarding, you receive letters until you complete a hand of five cards will be the final and then with that card get the prize or not. Free Video Poker as playing with real money, it is the same game. The only difference is that if you win playing in real money mode, if you win is added to your account while it’s free, you do not win or lose anything.

Below, we listed the best casinos to play Video Poker Online.


Casinon nimi
100% BONUS UP TO 222€+222 FREESPINS€
100% BONUS UP TO 220€ + 100 FREESPINS
100% BONUS UP TO 1000€ + 100 FREESPINS
100% BONUS UP TO 300€ + 100 FREE SPINS
Energy Casinostar41
100% BONUS UP TO 200€ + 100 free spins

Free Videopoker Strategy

Playing Video Poker making the right decisions, you can make the house edge is really low. One of the reasons that online casinos offer these conditions where normally the player win the short to medium term because the vast majority of players do not follow strategies, and then the house edge increases.

Upon learning strategies Video Poker you will know how to play to decrease the house edge, after learning the game and its development, and possible actions to take to optimize the strategy, from Casino Slam suggest you try playing Video Poker free, to implement your strategies and learn the game if you do not know.

The good thing about playing free Video Poker is that even though the money won or lost not affect your economy, if you can have a reference to the result that you would have to have made a bet with real money. So playing free Video Poker lets you know the main features of the game including the results and pay tables without investing money.

Free Videopoker Rules

The online Video Poker rules are very easy to learn since players only have a couple of options for hands. Once you have placed your bet, start to deal each hand. Five cards appear on the screen. You choose which you want and what you want to discard. After the deal you will know as your final hand.

Then you win or lose depends on what your hand. The hand rankings to win in free Video Poker are the same as those of the normal rules of Poker, in order of lowest to highest are located as follows:

  • One pair
  • Two Pair
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • Color
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight Flush

•Royal straight flush

Free Videopoker Summary

A part of the Video Poker, there are many variations of this game. The best known and plays are, among others:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • Aces and Eights
  • Joker Poker
  • American Poker
  • Poker Bonus
  • Double Bonus Poker

Undoubtedly the 5 card’s Video Poker variant is the easiest to learn and play.

Below we offer the best free Video Poker games, playing in a casino room safe and reliable environment 100%, as they have been tested by our experts in online casino games and betting.

If you like the excitement and gambling, this is one of the most entertaining, playing Video Poker free and practice your skills and strategies and best of all, from wherever and whenever you want, this is one advantage you can play an online casino, you do not have to scroll to the casino in your city.

Start playing and enjoy this amazing casino game!


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