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Videopoker Online

Video Poker is one of the most famous casino games and has become one of the most popular and staple on an online casino due to its simplicity.

It is a casino game where plays a fundamental role the skill and knowledge of the player. It is a game like slot machines, but the outcome is influenced because of the decisions of the players.

From Casino Slam we encourage you to read the various tips and strategies that offer and try the game before you start betting real money, since most of the time these decisions are quite easy but often is not easy to guess what will be the best move.

Below we listed the best casinos where to play Online Video Poker with the best bonuses you can find online.


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History of Videopoker

This famous casino game called Video Poker goes back to 1891, created by Sittman and Pitt in Brooklyn (New York). The first game they invented was a cross between a slots game and a traditional poker. You could not even consider a machine of Video Poker but was the first to use the same system that later go on to create the game today.

It was a five roller lever which appeared all the cards in the deck of poker. Formerly there was no automatic payment, the owner of the establishment had to decide and to pay the prize according to the combination achieved by its customers.

In 1970, Sircoma (today, IGT) created the first video poker machine like the ones we have today. In 1979 this machine was one of the most requested by the casino because of their entertainment. Following their success, they were creating new game variants including different options and wildcards, which meant that they became even more popular with players of traditional casino.

Videopoker Strategy

In the casino game Video Poker is very important to know the ideal strategy, as the house edge can vary greatly depending on how you play, if you play with a strategy you can to get the house edge is reduced to 1 %.

Video Poker player can develop the ability to make the right decision as far practicing. There are general tips that help the player of this game to make the right decisions.

To succeed in this game perfectly know how to manage money, which can best do is to conduct a preliminary economic plan can bet money and the budget you can allocate to play with restraint, decide the maximum money you can spending that does not affect your own economy.

Another tip I can give you from Casino Slam is decide how many games going to want to play Video Poker, and once finished the number of games you’ve decided, end the session.

It is customary to play the maximum of simultaneous bets with the least money to bet in order to get spending jackpots as if it were a simple but most bet amount per round.

The best thing to do is look up bonuses to sign up for a casino, as we always say, register for a casino is free and not lose anything and you can take a welcome bonus and get twice as much money betting minimum.

These bonuses are a great way to increase the odds of making money because you have to make more bets without investing any money.

Summary of Videopoker Online

Now you can put into practice all the knowledge you have of Video Poker game and your strategy, remember that the best way to learn to play Video Poker, as in most casino games, is playing.

Below we offer the best video poker games, where you will get the best bonuses and be playing in a casino room safe and reliable environment 100%, as they have been tested by our experts in online casino games and betting.

If you like the excitement and gambling, this is one of the most entertaining, playing Video Poker and showing your skills and strategies and get special awards and best of all, from wherever and whenever you want, this is a of the advantages of playing at an online casino, you do not have to scroll to the casino in your city.

Start playing and enjoy this amazing casino game and amazing bonuses from Casino Slam that we offer.


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