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Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is a exciting way of playing Baccarat online that we´re sure you will enjoy. If you know the basic rules and strategies for Baccarat, you can start playing live baccarat instantly, since the rules are the same. If you first want to have a look on the basic rules and strategies you can read more about them here below.

You can achieve an almost authentic casino atmosphere when you´re playing live baccarat, which means that you don´t actually have to drive to a real casino to experience an authentic casino athmosphere. Thanks to all the live casino games nowadays you can achieve authentic casino athmosphere wherever you are and whenever you want with either your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

To start playing live baccarat is very easy, you just have to choose one of the below mentioned online casinos, register a new player account and make a deposit. You will be ready to start playing live baccarat in less than five minutes!


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Live Baccarat rules

Play live Baccarat online

Live baccarat is probably one of the most easiest casino games that you can play online. The basic idea is to just simply bet on which hand will be the winning hand, the players hand or the banks hand. The players hand doesn´t mean only the players hand, same as the banks hand doesn´t mean only the banks hand, because you can as a player bet on both in live baccarat.

The winning hand in live baccarat is the hand who´s cards has a total amount of points closest to, or equal to 9. The cards given have the point values as follows:

  • Ace = 1
  • 2 – 9 = same value (example 2=2 , 4=4)
  • 10 = 0
  • Face cards = 0

Usually live baccarat is played with eight decks of cards, this may of course vary a bit depending on which live baccarat game you choose to play. The game rules goes by following:

  1. Play starts when all players make a bet on either the ”player” or the ”banker”, the players also have the possibility to bet on tie (we don´t recommend this, since this bet gives very poor odds)
  2. After all the bets are done, the live baccarat dealer gives out two cards to each of the players and the banker, with the first two dealt cards is impossible to bust.
  3. The points are counted according to the above mentioned points, for example if you have an 7 and a 9, you have in total 16, but the tens are always deducted from the total amount in Live baccarat, which meas that you´re left with a total point value with your cards of: 16 – 10 =6.
  4. In live baccarat there may or may not be a third card dealt to both the player and banker, depending on the following rules:
  • If the player, neither the bannker has a total point value of an 8 or a 9, then they will both stand, and a third card will not be dealt
  • Above mentioned rule overrides all the other rules
  • If players hand has a total point value of 5 or less, a third card will be dealt, otherwise the players hand stads
  1. Depending on what the players action is, the banker makes his action
  2. After the final cards are dealt the scores of the both hands are compared, and the winner is the hand that is greater. And the players who have bet on the correct winning hand, wins.

It may seem like an difficult game, but trust us, by playing a few rounds live baccarat, you´re already playing like an pro. Try it yourself and you will see.


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Live Baccarat

Live baccarat strategies

Baccarat live dealers

There´s a lot of different live baccarat strategies to choose from. And most of them are calculated so that they often offer you a better winning percentage. The players of baccarat is continuously developing new systems and strategies to beat the casino. We have chosen to bring up some easy tips & tricks which you can learn quickly and start playing with instantly.

  • Strategy nr. 1: Don´t bet on tie

In live baccarat you have three different bets to choose from: the banker, the player or on a tie. As we already mentioned before, we never recommend you to bet on a tie, since this bet offers very bad odds for the players. The odds against one of the players hand winning, are always way better than a tie (this is in most of the cases). So we recommend you to not waste your money on an unlikely tie. Instead choose to bet on a definite party, meaning either the players hand or the bankers hand.

  • Strategy nr. 2: Bet on the bankers hand

Although live baccarat is a risky gamble wich doesn´t include much logic, betting on the bankers hand will always beneficial you in the end. Although the casino usually charges a 5% comission for the winnings won with bets on banker, this bet still offers the players the best odds. This is in most of the cases obviously, it the same party has been repeatedly winning for more than 3 times, then we suggest you to bet on the other party. It is extremely unlikely that the same party will scoop the win for 5 times in a row.

  • Strategy nr. 3: Check the payback percentages and comissions

As we said before the casinos usually charge a 5% comissions for the winnings on bankers hand, but although this is the standard comission, there are online casinos where you can find that the house charges less than 5%.

We also recommend you to have a look on the payback percentages for the games, if they´re told. Always choose a casino game with higher payback percentage, since this will always mean more winnings for you!

All these above mentioned live baccarat strategies are very basic, but they give you a good start on the game. You can always look into the more complicated live baccarrat strategies after you´ve had a look on the basic rules and tips & tricks. We recommend you to first play a few rounds before looking deeper into the proper strategies.


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