Top 5 most popular casino games among Spanish players


The online casino market in Spain keeps growing, and new sites are constantly emerging to attract players with bigger game selections and novel features. According to recent CasinosOnline365, slots are the most popular casino game in Spain, played by over 75% of casino players. New casinos build mobile apps and websites with cutting-edge designs for seamless gameplay. Staying competitive also means offering the most popular table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat with live dealers and tournaments.

Ranking of popular games in Spain

The different options that can be found in an online casino incorporate games that are popular with many people, such as Poker, slots or Roulette. Each of them is usually catered to a different kind of player. We’ve listed a few basic features that you’ll find in the lobbies of numerous online casinos.

#1. Slot games

Playing slots does not require extensive gambling knowledge, nor does it require learning how to play, which is the reason for its popularity: around 75% of casino users opt for this game when they want to bet. In addition, each online slot has a unique specific theme and features, something that offers an almost infinite selection to players.

Another relevant aspect of casino slots is that they usually incorporate bonus rounds that are activated with special symbols. This makes them more interesting games for those looking for better opportunities by combining matching symbols in slots. Lastly, several slots allow playing for fun without the need to spend anything.

#2. Roulette

Maybe it’s because of its elegance or perhaps due to the wide variety of bets that can be made, but the truth is that Roulette is a very well-known and popular casino game and one of the favorite games of Spanish users wanting to bet. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that there are so many versions of this game, which have been incorporating increasingly modern features.

However, in spite of being a game that’s evolved into the digital format and has many variations, at least 10% of players tend to play the base, classic versions such as European or American roulette, the latter with a bigger house advantage due to the double zero present on the wheel. Without a doubt, it is an online game in which there is a constant interaction between the dealer and the player.

#3. Casino Bingo

The online version of bingo is a popular game and a great way to pass the time through simple gaming sessions in which no mental effort is required. In other words, the casino player depends entirely on the numbers matching those on the bingo card so everyone can play and try to win.

Bingo is a great ally for those who enjoy playing low difficulty and easy to understand casino games that can have a sizeable jackpot. Usually, the developers of this game work on original and thematic designs that bring appeal to this game, which is typically attractive to at least 5% of players.

#4. Blackjack

Blackjack is available in many casinos and stands out among the online games in which strategy is required. Around 5% of users are usually interested in this card game, which involves a surge of emotion when trying to beat the dealer by getting 21 points and winning (and trying not to bust).

Hands are usually very fast, so it is defined as a casino game in which intuition and strategy go together. The wide variety of Blackjack versions (Atlantic City, Vegas Strip…), enables different alternatives that fit different types of casino players, so you’re unlikely to get bored anytime soon.

#5. Poker

One of the most widely played card games and quite common in online casinos is poker. Although poker is a game that requires practice and skill to develop a good pace of play, it is a game with a strategic and competitive profile, and we can say that around 5% of players show interest in this game and sit at a table to play a hand (or 10).

Facing other players during poker games in a casino allows you to demonstrate your skills and experience. So, whoever has the best hand and develops the best game strategy will be the one who comes out on top in poker. In addition, poker is usually an ideal game for organizing tournaments.

Casino games trends in Spain

Users, in general, are looking for an interface with good graphics, social interaction and realism, which increases immersion and dynamism in casino games.

In the following list, we summarize some aspects of the iGaming industry when accessing an online casino in Spain:

  • Slot games with special features
  • Original versions of casino games
  • Full interaction with the dealer
  • iOS and Android compatibility