5 Casino Bonuses that UK Players Love


You need to be smart and patient when you gamble, be it that you are all suited up and drinking a martini in a physical casino, or you are drinking your morning coffee in front your PC and playing at home. We have a great tip for those who like to enjoy gambling at home: make sure that you use smart sites to pick your newest online offers. Look at the extensive list of quality casinos from KingCasinoBonus and choose at your discretion. If you want to step it up, then you should know a bit more about the history of gambling in the Kingdom and what type of bonuses people prefer. All you need is right here in this article!

Throughout the history of the UK, there has been a legal back and forth around gambling and other similar games, influenced by societal taboos and the interference of the clergy. The Unlawful Games Act of 1541 was initially devised to protect soldiers from games with wagering included, but it was mostly ignored and never really carried out. In this context, casino games and sports betting (especially dog and horse racing) become popular, and in 1960 it became legal and regulated to the fullest extent.


If you play just to enjoy your pastime, then all you need to worry about is having fun. If you want to get a plus in your income, then you need to look about it more strategically. Thus, depending on how much you can invest and how experienced you are, you should pick your games wisely. Casinos battle in giving players offers, so why not start from there? See 5 bonus types that UK gamblers love below.

Free Spins

Everybody loves these and it is easy to understand why. Playing on slots is easy, and the newest graphics attract people with their colours and all-around flashy characters. Knowing that it has a great power of attraction, developers fight to create unique games, while casino owners try to put out attractive free spins offers. Such bonuses basically mean that the casino you logged into will offer you a number of spins (anywhere from 10 to 500) on popular slots, spins that you do not have to pay for. Think about them as a free pass to a slot machine in Vegas, where you do not need to put the coin in, but you
can collect the Jackpot. Here is a short guide to playing slots!


No Deposit Offers

Think about these as being similar to the free trials that we get on streaming services or music platforms. Basically, after someone creates a profile on a gambling website, they will receive either virtual money or free spins, without them making any deposit. The aim is to let new players discover the website without spending money at first. It is advantageous, as some casinos may not be to your taste and you can forfeit your bonus, delete your account and move on, without financial effort.

Welcome Bonuses/Packages

This a category that includes a multitude of bonuses, all different from one place to another, depending on how much the casino wants to gift players and the wagering rules that come attached with these gifts. The usual types of offers are either money that will match your first deposit or the first few deposits, accompanied by free spins or similar smaller incentives. In an effort to attract many clients, almost all sites of the type have a welcome offer and so, it is obvious, that they are only accessible for new players.

Mobile game

Mobile Exclusive Bonuses

What we love about our smartphones is that they are a gateway to all kinds of Internet corners that we visit daily. In 2017, it was estimated that the mobile casino user numbers will increase with 100 million new individuals, and the claim seems to be quite accurate. To accommodate this phenomenon, most casinos will also include a bonus that can only work on phones or tablets. You, as a player, will have to make sure you know if there is a separate app or you just need to play in your browser, and of course, read the rules before playing.

Other Offers

Even though these are not necessarily organized by a common theme, they are worth mentioning. The online casino market is diverse and strives to be so constantly. Be on the lookout for unique offers from the sites that interest you: they can boost cryptocurrency deposits, have offers promoting a specific game type or a specific game provider or they can even promote loyalty players (with VIP club specialities or high roller options). If you are inquisitive and curious, you can use that to your advantage here!

Never forget that your first step should be reading the terms and conditions of the website and other similar informative pages. Another way to boost your skills is by reaching out to other gambling fans through forums and social media. If you stay wise, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time!